Micro Needling

Advanced Medical Micro-Needling

Advanced Medical Micro-Needling was €200.00 – Now only €100.00

You will notice results after just one treatment.

Treatment is recommended every 3 weeks for four treatments but there are no limits to the amount of treatments you can have.

The more you have the more your skin will improve!

When you are finished your course of four treatments, you can continue  treatment every 6-8 weeks if you wish and you will see fantastic results.

The skin is cleansed first and an anasthetic is applied to the skin for 20mins. Tiny pain -free micro-needles are next rolled into the skin. This is an alternative to botox, the only difference being that your own skin will be making the changes naturally.

We also provide a free hydrating facial and red light therapy with this treatment, which speeds up the collagen and elastin repair of the skin.

Notice visable results on scarred tissue, skin tightening and reduction of lines. This treatment is also great for acne scars.

We are now also giving the RF pixel lift with this treatment, as seen on exposa.

Don’t miss out on this amazing process as the results can be spectacular and long lasting.