Fat Freezing


Coolsculpting Fat Freezing

Normal price €300 per treatment area but we are doing a special offer of €90.00 per treatment area.

This treatment is now available in our salon and is exactly the same as liposuction but without surgery.

Fat cells are frozen and then drained out through the lympathic system.

Say goodbye to your love handles in just a month! €90.00 per treatment.

Also a course of 5-10 treatments of ultra-sound, combined with radio-frequency (RF) is recommended to speed up the removal of fat cells through the lympathic system.

A consultation is carried out with each client before treatment and a treatment plan will be advised.

After the treatment we will provide aftercare advice on how to get the best results.

We are highly qualified to carry out this prodecure and our therapists hold a BSC Life Science & Physiology Degree.

Cellulite Treatment – €40.00 per treatment

Skin Tightening Treatment – €40.00 per treatment

Pay for 8 treatments and receive the last 2 treatments free.