Anti Ageing Treatments

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Light Therapy Treatment – €30.00

Promotes the natural production of collagen in the skin. Increases hydration and reduces lines and wrinkles as well as rejuvinating the skins natural fats.

It can also help heal exzema, rosacea and acne.

RF Pixel Treatment

RF Pixel Treatment for an extra €30.00

This has a botox look, your own skin will be tightened and plumped out by your own collagen.

Due to the excellent results we obtain for clients and our value for money policy, we are regularly booked in our salon for this treatment.

We recommend this treatment bi-weekly for four sessions, followed by a session every 6 weeks to help slow down the ageing process.


Dermalogica Full Facial – Special Offer €40.00 every Tuesday & Wednesday.

With free face mapping, skin analysis and red light therapy. This reduces lines & wrinkles and promotes collagen.

Notice visible results in just one week!

The Dermalogica facial is tailored to your individual skin type. We examine 14 different zones of the skin. This in combination with the use of advanced skin products, will enable you to notice a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

Your skin will be glowing, in just four weeks . . . Say goodbye to sensitive red skin for good!

Also enjoy this luxurious facial with the essential oils and exotic massage on the hands and feet.

We recommend this facial bi-weekly for four sessions, followed by a session every 6 weeks, if you want to see the very best results.


Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial with Reflexology – Special Offer €55.00 Every Tuesday & Wednesday.

With red light therapy, free face mapping, skin analysis + 1⁄2 hour Reflexology.

This facial is excellent if you are wondering why your skin is dry and sensitive, or why you are getting skin breakouts. Together with a half hour reflexology session, we can look into the body in many ways.

A hormonal imbalance, or other areas of the body being imbalanced, may be the cause of your skin problems. We will again tailor the facial to your needs.

Enjoy this relaxing facial and see your skin clearing, it’s well worth it!

Reflexology will balance the systems of your body and therefore your skin will improve.

We recommend this facial every week for four weeks, and then every six weeks after that, if you want to see amazing results.

Dermalogica Forty-Five minute Facial – €30.00

This is a really good facial if you need to refresh your skin, improve skin collagen and fix blemishes in a hurry.

This facial is also tailored to your skin type.

The results are amazing . . .