Advanced Medical Skincare

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Auriege Glycolic Facial – €75.00

This facial is an excellent treatment for deep lines and wrinkles. It removes dead skin and brings out the new skin. It also infuses collagen and hyloronic acid into the skin, plumping it out and rejuvenating the skin at a deeper level.

This facial also treats pigmentation, deep cleanses, brightens the skin and gives a bottox effect.

Recommended 4 treatments. Three weeks apart.

With added radio-frequency to tighten the skin, 1hr 15mins – €80.00

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DMK Advanced Facial – €70.00

A lift anti-ageing facial treatment using DMK medical grade doctor products.

This is a medical grade facial, approved by doctors which uses enzyme therapy to tighten the muscle bands of the face, neck & chest.

It also helps to reduce lines and promote collagen in the skin giving a ‘facelift’ effect.

Using mesiotherapy, nutrients, fats & nourishment are pushed into the skin without the use of needles.

DMK Advanced Facial – treatment is recommended for 12 weeks, one treatment per week.